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These PDF files provide beneficial information about our Filter/Clone® Dust Control Systems.
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Dust Collector Dimensions and Parts List
Air Motor Drive   Electric Motor Drive   Hydraulic Motor Drive
Size 1      293 KB   Size 4SB   282 KB   Size 1        269 KB   Size 5SB   315 KB
Size 1.5   278 KB   Size 5SB   307 KB   Size 1.5     244 KB   Size 7SB   315 KB
    Size 7SB   299 KB   Size 2R4   315 KB   FC–3600   130 KB
        Size 3SB   287 KB   FC–4500   39.3 KB
        Size 4SB   321 KB    
Miscellaneous Parts
DET09000   87.6 KB
AT–1000 Pneumatic Timer   189 KB

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