Basic Operation of the Filter/Clone® Dust Collector can be described as follows:

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1. A vacuum is induced in the Housing (1), the Suction hose, and the Pickup Pot (3) by the Blower (2). Dust and cuttings which are forced out of the drilled hole by blow air are captured at the pickup pot and conveyed to the Tangential Inlet (4) of the housing.

2. Heavy particles are held against the inner housing wall by centrifugal momentum of the particles and settle rapidly to the Dropout Cone (5). Lighter particles are drawn to the Filter Element (6) by the air flow pattern created by the blower.

3. As air is drawn through the filter, dust particles are retained on the element and clean air is discharged.

4. The element is cleaned automatically at regulated time intervals by instantaneous blasts of high–velocity air discharged from the pressure manifold (at the inner periphery of the housing) through Impulse Valves (7) and back through the element. This back–pulse of compressed air momentarily paralyzes the forward flow of air through one of the filter elements allowing the dust particles to release from the element and settle out in the dropout cone. A reliable Air–Logic or Solid–State Electric Timer (8) controls the back–pulse sequence.

The Service Manual and specific equipment detail are available on the Download page.
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